When her car gets towed, a young woman finds comfort in an unlikely stranger – her Lyft driver.

Written by: Samantha Weisband
Directed by: Samantha Weisband
Produced by: Samantha Weisband, Laura Bargfeld and Erika Sadighi

Sam Weisband

Samantha Weisband has always had a passion for finding the truth and humor in everyday life. As a child, she was exposed to all types of comedy, from Mel Brooks to Judd Apatow, and has sought to create films of her own that embody the same kind of ridiculousness and relatability. She couldn’t be more thankful to her parents and siblings for raising her with an adoration of absurdity. Sam is an aspiring writer and director for comedy series’ and hopes to work alongside collaborators with the same zeal for exploiting laughter in seemingly serious circumstances.