Clever Girl

At the peak of scientific stardom, Dr. Evie Fleming is horrified to find that her genius mutant dino-bird has gone rogue...on live television.

Written by: Michael Eppinette
Directed by: Michael Eppinette
Produced by: Cassandra Rosa and Jaden Osborne

Michael Eppinette

In his natural habitat, Director and concept artist Michael V. Eppinette can be found drawing T. rexes, playing cello, and futilely attempting to communicate with various bird species. After being blessed with opportunities to create concept art for films including The Predator (2018), Michael aims to continue directing, giving life to stories informed by his Christian worldview and replete with evocative creatures of his own design. He is incredibly thankful for the inspiration from his passionate parents and his sadistic, bloodthirsty parrot.