The Lights Are On, No One’s Home

The Lights Are On, No One’s Home

A woman travels through a maze of gentrified streets and the final memories of her neighborhood as she tries to locate her childhood home.

Written by: Faye Ruiz
Directed by: Faye Ruiz
Produced by: Ramani Menjugas
Cinematography by: Martin Somoza and Zach Lovvorn

Starring: Faye Ruiz and Adriana Acedo Campillo

Photo of Faye Ruiz

Faye Ruiz

Faye Ruiz loves to tell stories that explore the specificities of human experience. Stories that align audiences with the experience of the character closely and how those specific people view the world. This has guided her writing for as long as she’s been interested in telling stories and will continue to do so as she pursues her career.