Side by Side

Side by Side

An only daughter grapples with jealousy when she finds herself suddenly replaced by an adopted younger sister.

Written by: Alyssa Urgo
Directed by: Alyssa Urgo
Produced by: Joseph Clark
Director of Photography: Jackson Hayes

Starring: Olivia Potter and Shayla Forero

Photo of Alyssa Urgo

Alyssa Urgo

Alyssa’s passion for film began at a young age when she first wanted to become an actress. She filmed skits in her bedroom and posted them to YouTube and Facebook in hopes of being discovered as the next Kristen Wiig. Things took a turn when she took a video production class in high school where she found her true passion was behind the camera. Since then, Alyssa has pursued a film career in hopes of bringing new ideas to the screen and telling unique stories that inspire others.