In a world where everyone owns a companion in the form of a sentient human eyeball, one rebellious user will rid his life of them or die trying.

Written by: Zach Lovvorn
Directed by: Zach Lovvorn
Produced by: Lana Moltrop, Antonia Maher, and Zach Lovvorn
Cinematography by: Mason Day

Starring: Alec Errhalt, Elizabeth Von Isser and Alex Simpson

Photo of Zach Lovvorn

Zach Lovvorn

Zach has never thought of himself as a filmmaker. Making little movies and videos was something he found fun and strangely therapeutic in his childhood. He always loved it, but it wasn’t until high school when a thought crossed his mind: “Wait, people do this for a living?” And he never looked back. He hopes to tell impactful stories on screen and that audiences have fun watching his work to escape the stresses of everyday life.