Houses in Motion

Houses in Motion

Sibling relationships, addiction, a new bicycle, and the most wonderful time of the year.

Written by: Adrian Meyer
Directed by: Adrian Meyer
Produced by: Nicholas Leon and Adam Alegria
Director of Photography: Martin Somoza

Starring: Preston Fisher and Rebecca Galcik

Photo of Adrian Meyer

Adrian Meyer

Adrian has wanted to make movies for as long as he can remember. He began honing his skills by recording skate and BMX videos for friends who were much more willing to break bones than he was. Eventually these videos began to have more skits than bunny hops and he realized you could just cut the tricks out entirely. After graduation, he plans to head out to Los Angeles to continue pursuing his filmmaking career.

Photo of Martin Somoza

Martin Somoza

Martin Somoza doesn’t watch films, not even some of the most prominent ones. With a huge interest in the technical side of the film industry, Martin aims to provide the knowledge and tools to his fellow filmmakers as they travel up to Los Angeles to go after their filmmaker dreams.