Dick’s Café Amrikano

Dick’s Café Amrikano

After discovering that their life is about to change forever, two young slaves decide to work together to end their captivity, using language as their most powerful weapon.

Written by: Zayna Altoubal
Directed by: Zayna Altoubal
Produced by: Jessica Beauvais
Cinematography by: Hasan Taleb Edited by: Daniel Paz Sound Design: Daniel Paz

Starring: Zayna Altoubal, Raul Pompa, Karl Haas

Photo of Zayna Altoubal

Zayna Altoubal

Zayna Altoubal decided filmmaking was her life passion when she realized she would rather live in a fantasy world of supernatural powers and epic drama, than in reality. She draws inspiration from Syrian period series, Japanese animation, Old Hollywood cinema, and her studies in physics. Zayna hopes to create media that drives globalization and technology of the industry forward, and connects different cultures through their shared values in her stories.

Photo of Daniel Paz

Daniel Paz

Daniel Paz was not satisfied with the possibilities the physical world had to offer. A bored kid with a computer, he delved into the realm of visual effects and editing where he felt he could express himself to the fullest. Being able to bring even the wildest ideas to life has driven him to learn more about what one can create with passion and a computer. Daniel aims to create diverse, innovative content, with a throughline of emotional vulnerability that connects him to his audiences.